The mission of the Staten Island Custom Performance is to preserve and promote the love of Custom performance cars, motorcycles & trucks. We offer enthusiasts opportunities to share their common interest and bringing their vision to reality. We do this by building, enhancing and customizing their cars or trucks. Our unique vision, know how and 40 years of experience allow us to help our customers build the car or truck of their dreams from show cars or trucks to high performance race cars or trucks. We promote and publicize our sport of racing and custom body enhancements for our customers.

For the past 40 years most enthusiasts never knew who we were and didnt have access to our services, only a select few did. Today we are launching a new phase of our business, that will allow all enthusiasts to have access to our services.

How will we do this:

We will create a new environment where all enthusiasts New school and Old school will be able to come, hang out and enjoy the love of racing and custom performance by participating in shows, runs, tours, rallies, while having access to services that are not always available under one roof.

All Wheel Dyno and Tuning Services

  • We will provide full Restoration and Custom Fabrication Services
  • Full Mechanical Services for Restoration & Racing
  • Speed shop with competitive pricing with the large online retailers with no shipping fees and one day turn around for most parts
  • We want to create a club membership that will give our members access to all of our Services at discount
  • Allow customers to be connected with our Technical Advisory staff to help you keep your car in top shape

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