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SIC-Performance began in June 2010 as outgrowth of ACE Auto-styling with a 30 year history with a greater concern for auto owners who expected a higher level of technical precision in auto care, engine modifications and additions, and automotive service that could match the level of technical advancement among auto manufacturers. In our history, we have served thousands of auto owners in the Staten Island, New York area and across the Northeast region of the United States and have serviced the highest performing vehicles in the world, both foreign and domestic, including Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, Cadillac, Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, etc…

Our commitment to these high performance standards is supported by our state-of-the-art facility, and our AWD DynoJet. Our Engineers make it their goal to help you realize your dreams and maintain your vehicle at its highest standards. With years of professional experience in general automotive service, mechanical engineering, performance tuning applications, as well as high performance applications on classic and late model vehicles, we are fully equipped to handle any automotive modification, auto maintenance, or auto repair you require.

At SIC-PERFORMANCE you will find a team of experienced, capable and friendly technicians that will take care of all your automobile needs. We offer a towing service as well as a drop off service so you won’t have to miss a minute out of your day. We use state of the art diagnostic tools to find and deal with any issue and keep your vehicle in top condition. Our expert technicians are state certified to deal with any malfunction from a fender bender to any issues with the engine.

COMPUTER DIAGNOSTICS – Our technicians use state of the art computers to communicate directly with your vehicle and solve any issues.

ELECTRIC SYSTEM – Short circuits, malfunctioning buttons or any other electrical problem.

AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE – Gas refills, A/C system inspection and service.

BRAKE SYSTEM – Front & rear brake pads, front & rear disc replacement and brake fluid flush. Specializing in brake upgrades using high-quality aftermarket parts, our brake experts know how to adapt four and six piston caliper systems onto your early or late-model muscle car.

ENGINE – Tune ups, belt replacement, leaks and noises. Our experienced technicians can assist you in installing everything from a complete supercharger system, to a simple carburetor swap. Our team uses the best components for your vehicle and can install and recommend the right components to your engine for optimum performance, fuel economy and reliability.

DRIVETRAIN – Our drivetrain specialists can service, repair or upgrade your vehicle’s transmission, differential, driveshaft and just about any other component of your drivetrain. We also specialize in old to late-model upgrades so you can have an overdrive automatic in your muscle car, or swap in a six-speed manual trans to replace your late-model’s five-speed.

CHASSIS –Weather you’re needing to stiffen up your factory chassis with a custom roll-bar or sub-frame connectors, or a completely new chassis for your classic or muscle car, SIC-PERFORMANCE’s engineers can outfit you with the correct modifications and upgrades to your vehicle’s chassis.

ACCESSORIES – Chromed and polished aftermarket pulleys and pieces make this engine shine. Adding any kind of accessories to your vehicle is easy when you have the service technicians at SIC-PERFORMANCE’s who are willing to help. We can help you install a set of chromed valve covers to a complete serpentine belt system using top aftermarket parts.

SUSPENSION – Take control of your vehicle’s cornering and ride with the help of SIC-PERFORMANCE’s suspension experts. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with a simple lowering job, to a full race suspension system for specific applications. SIC-PERFORMANCE’s also uses high-quality aftermarket suspension components to provide the optimum in performance and reliability.

EXHAUST – One of SIC-PERFORMANCE’s specialties is fabricating a custom exhaust for your specific vehicle. We can build you a complete custom exhaust system for street and full-racing applications. We also carry a full line of SIC-PERFORMANCE’s headers and Cat bolt-on exhaust systems for a wide range of domestic car and truck applications.

SIC Performance Jaguar with exhaust and a tune

RACING AND OFF-ROAD USE POLICY Some of the products and services offered by SIC-PERFORMANCE are intended for racing and off-road use only. SIC-PERFORMANCE is not responsible for products and services it provides for racing or off-road use vehicles that may be driven on the street.

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